About Positive4Girls

Hi! My name is Kirsten (pronounced “Keersten”) and I’m so excited to bring Positive4Girls into your life!

I’ve always loved working with kids of all ages, but the idea for Positive4Girls began when I was teaching 6th grade and one of my students wrote me a letter explaining how I had impacted her as her teacher. One part of her letter that struck me the most was, “You look me in the eye”.

My thought was, “Of course I do. I look all children and teens in the eye because they are important and I respect them”. But for some reason, my simple act of respect and her response to it affected both of us enough to tell someone about it. She told me, and I have found a way to tell the world.

I woke up a few days later and my first thought was “Positive4Girls! This is how I will be able to reach all girls and help them to understand that they are important, beautiful, smart, worthy, and loved just the way they are.”

I don’t see this student much anymore, but I very often think about her, the impact she had on me, and the ripple effect her words to me are having on our world. She is more important than she knows, and so are you!

Two of my favorite photos:




These are my daughters, Mariah and Joanna, at one of our favorite family vacation spots, Cannon Beach, Oregon. My girls inspire me every day with their kind hearts, laughter, wisdom, energy, and love.                                           20150410_185514-1


This is my sister, Alyssa, on the left and myself on the right. Alyssa is a role model, best friend, and source of encouragement for me.